Cryptography: OpenPGP.js.(v5.11.1).UI(4.4)

OpenPGP.js.UI (v4.4) 2023-06-17 JavaScript Library

This project aims to provide an open source Open Source OpenPGP library in JavaScript, so it can be used on almost any device. Instead of using native code like other implementations, OpenPGP. js should avoid this circumstance, i. e. OpenPGP does not have to be installed on a computer anymore. With OpenPGP. js it is possible to sign, encrypt, decrypt, verify - especially e-mails - and manage keys.Important: The complete code runs on the client side, i. e. no data is saved on Server.

Please insert OpenPGP Key to Textbox to start.

The Script indicate what kinde of Key are pasted and verfied if is valid. Public-Key can only encrpyt and verfying Text.

This page not save or store any keys, if you finished click on Clear or close the Page.


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