piwik 0.9
piwik 0.9

This is a maintenance release following Piwik 0.8, hopefully the last release before 1.0.
Please report all bugs you encounter with this release!

List of tickets closed in this release

  • #1525 PDF: no description entered
  • #1543 Pie chart of continents should always display all continents (and no "others" element)
  • #1545 Adapt styling of chart and map tooltips to the new UI design
  • #1544 Wrong "Report date to load by default" after install
  • #1530 Add Worldmap default widget
  • #1501 Can't load dashboard or add widgets to empty dashboard
  • #1529 Handle disabled glob()
  • #1546 Widgets with token_auth are broken
  • #1557 Insufficient colors for pie chart slices
  • #1539 Zend Framework 1.10.7 maintenance update
  • #1540 archive.sh memory issue with yearly reports, works when archiving months separately
  • #1541 Implement draft HTTP Origin header
  • #1535 outdated entries in searchengine datafile


piwik 0.9


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