piwik 0.8
piwik 0.8
Gestern wurde die Version 0.7 veröffentlich, heute schon ist ein Fix-Update da:


List of tickets closed in this release

  • #1524: Add searchengine: encrypted.google.com
  • #1120: Improvements to Live! plugin and Visitor Log
  • #1528: Simple Image Tracking mode doesn´t detect URLs automatically
  • #1526: Remove ability to disable sites selector now that website selector scales
  • #1319: Visitor Log always shows all data
  • #1375: Live! widget does not show correct number of visits for "today"
  • #1517: function disableOffsetInformation in viewDataTable hides ales Paginator Controls
  • #1523: Fix "Size of a request header field exceeds server limit"
  • #1525 PDF: no description entered
  • #1530 Add Worldmap default widget
  • #1501 Can´t load dashboard or add widgets to empty dashboard
  • #1529 Handle disabled glob()
  • Consistency in UI for all elements
  • Fixed bug display conversion rate


piwik 0.8


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